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The one hundred and eighty five lives that were lost shall be remembered and represented with this subtle, yet compelling installation suspended and embedded across the Avon river. The elements introduced create an engaging environment that has a sensitive interaction with the natural environment, the water, the wind and the light to create an intriguing contemplative place for people to visit and reflect. The delicately shaped vertical posts extrude from the river and are individually named to represent each victim of the earthquake.

The posts are illuminated during evening and night to highlight the names and the stone suspended above. The stone is intended to be chosen and gifted by the family and friends of the victims allowing a personal contribution to the memorial of those affected. The memorial will be complemented by the public walkways and seating spaces along the river that cater for individuals or small groups. A larger area with seating is setback from the river to accommodate larger crowds. The walkway includes panels positioned along that develop the story of the tragic event and pay tribute to the efforts of people and organisations involved.

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