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The overall picture this installation hopes to create is that the damage we as humans have already done to this earth by being careless with plastics is overwhelming and seemingly overbearing, but not a lost cause just yet.

The two hands that grip the earth, and represent this negative human impact, are huge in scale and far bigger than a single humans handprint. However, that being said, when we all come together our seemingly small handprints can completely reverse or preserve the state of damage that has been caused. Every single person who interacts with this monument, and does their part in installing a positive change, sees a small reduction in the rapid rate in which the plastic spreads from the two hands over a 19 hour period, pausing the countdown timer by 10 seconds. Though this seems like a small feet at the time, it aims to enforce the idea that if we come together and all do our small bit, we can have as much impact as the large overwhelming hands that have done the damage.


Each hand is a representation of the different affects we as humans have enforced upon the earth. The dark hands represent both over-production, and mismanagement of plastic. While the white hand beneath the globe represents the positive change we as humans can still make.


The globe acts as a demonstrative form being suffocated from plastic pollution, demonstrating that plastic pollution is not a local or regional issue, but rather a problem affecting the entire world and a leading player in our inevitable demise.


The time line aims to create awareness for the urgency of proper

plastic waste management. The red illustrates the visual spread of plastic pollution over a 19 hour period. If it is left untouched and unhealed bypassing visitors, the world ends its countdown completely covered/suffocated by plastic.

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