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Avon River Art Bridge Design competition proposal for a pedestrian bridge in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Project was designed by an international team, including designers, artists, and engineers from China, New Zealand and the United States of America, with Antonio Pio Saracino (Artist), Metro Studio (Landscape Architect), and Zavien Teh (Engineer).

The design objective for the Bridge features two large curved structures tat overlap dynamically from many different points of view, hoping to add a striking mark to the ever-changing landscape. The concept narrative expresses the fluidity of the river and the passage of people through an overlap of passageways and structural arches.

The main design goal is to feature two distinct paths that slightly weave while crossing the river, sustained by two large curved trusses almost overlapping each other dynamically, to generate different points of view from, and to the bridge. Therefore the clear landscape intention is to compromise the floating but steady infrastructure to the quietly fluent river.

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