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01   /   08   /   2018

This alteration and addition project in Ashburton, New Zealand has brought new life to an old home, while respecting its original forms and materiality. The 58m² addition contains a secondary living room, guest bedroom with attached bathroom, and a "cosy reading nook" all with hydraulic under floor heating, R3.2 wall and R4.0 roof wool insulation, and thermally broken double glazed windows, creating a warm and comfortable internal environment.

The additions form and placement was originally driven around connecting the existing and new living spaces together around the timber decked courtyard, with a large solar focus. The new living area opens out boldly to the morning sun, while the original living space draws in the afternoon and evening sun, closer to the kitchen and dining area where the evenings are spent. Advancing further on the open concept between the two living spaces, bridged by the timber decked courtyard, we have designed the steel post and beam structure to extrude out from the wall. This itself becomes an interesting feature and a visual gesture of its connection with the outdoor living, while actually allowing the corner opening to have no post, and therefore no disruption between interior and exterior living.

As with any alteration and addition project, the connection between the existing and new forms becomes a major focus. We had worked alongside the clients with a range of material choices to link in with the red brick, coming to the final and current decision of vertical timber cladding. We believe this combination of materials contrast well against each other, creating a clean and honest definition between the old and new. 

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