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The Pavilion aims to create a temporary transportable internal room and shape an external environment, which allows people to gather. The Pavilion is created by arranging and stacking standard pallets in a simple way to create walls, which form the base of the structure as well as the solid shell. 

Additional pallets outside of the base structure can easily be arranged in various ways to form different external areas as a response to the individual site conditions. These solid pallet shapes can create walls to define external spaces, be used for seating areas for audiences, or to serve as steps up to a viewing platform to observe the development of the area. This way the Pavilion is not only visited as an internal exhibition room, but people can also observe and explore the three-dimensional space by stepping inside walls or climbing the structure.

Pallet Pavilion was a runner-up in the NZIA Canterbury Pavilion Design Competition, 2012.

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