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Nestled on a gently sloping green field, this exquisite house offers a captivating blend of Mediterranean charm and eco-conscious design. With its north-facing orientation and breathtaking views of both the lush landscape and the serene Sumner Beach, this residence is a true haven for those seeking tranquility and sustainable living.

The heart of this home is its green space, adorned with bountiful fruit trees and an unstructured landscape reminiscent of Mediterranean gardens. Stepping into this oasis, you are greeted by the intoxicating scents of blooming flowers and the soothing rustle of leaves, making it the perfect place to unwind and connect with nature.

Designed with a strong emphasis on thermal comfort, the house effortlessly maintains a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year. Natural ventilation is facilitated by three strategically placed skylights, allowing fresh, cool breezes to flow through the living spaces. Additionally, meticulous attention to detail in reducing thermal bridging ensures that the interior remains cozy during the cooler months.

The crowning glory of this architectural masterpiece is its roof, an organically shaped design that pays homage to the majestic Kaikoura mountain range, which graces the horizon and defines the stunning view at the end of Pegasus Bay. The roof's distinctive silhouette not only adds a unique character to the house but also seamlessly integrates it with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Inside, the interior design embraces the Mediterranean theme, with earthy tones, rustic textures, and ample natural light filtering through large windows that frame the picturesque landscape. The open floor plan promotes a sense of spaciousness and connectivity, ideal for both everyday living and entertaining guests.

This house is more than just a dwelling; it is a harmonious fusion of architectural brilliance and sustainable living, where the beauty of nature converges with modern comfort. It invites you to embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle while relishing in the serene grandeur of the Kaikoura mountains and the tranquil allure of Sumner Beach. Welcome home to your own slice of paradise.


15 /   09   /   2022

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